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Bella is a wonderful 14'2H, 13 year old mare. She is dual registered in the USMMA and ABCCMM. She has a nice batida gait and a smooth gliding walk. She is safe, sane and sound. Bella goes out on trail alone or with a group of horses.Get a head start with your breeding, Bella is being offered with a breeding to one of our many stallions. 



Barn Name: BRIOSO

ABCCMM Registered Name: Brioso do InMotion

ABCCMM Registered Number: 040869

USMMA Registered Name: 4 Seasons Brioso

USMMA Registry Number: USM00000239

Foaling Date: June 29th, 2012

Color Coat Testing: Ee Aa

Color: bay roan

Height: 14.3 hands

Sex: Gelding

Sire: Baluarte Piry (blue roan)

Dam: Brava Fazenda Zouga (bay)

Gait: marcha do centro

Marchadors InMotion gelding, Brioso do InMotion, is one of our Mangalarga Marchadors who is exceptionally well gaited. He is a handsome rare bay roan out of Marchador mare, Brava Fazenda Zouga. Brava is one of the most decorated batida gaited mares in North America with 6 ELITE book stallions in her pedigree. Brioso is by a stallion, Baluarte Piry, one of the best bred stallions in North America, also with 6 ELITE book stallions in his pedigree. Bali is an uncommon blue roan in color and is a picada gaited stallion with the athleticism to perform batida as well. With such a decorated pedigree, Brioso is possibly the best bred Marchador in all of North America.

This guy is the definition of a gaiting machine! He earned the name Brioso as a baby running circles around his dam. Brioso means spunky in Portuguese. Brioso gaits at liberty in batida, and when he is showing off, he seamlessly moves into picada. On top of his outstanding natural gait, he is exceptionally athletic performing flying lead changes effortlessly as he gallops through his paddock. Brioso will be classified is a genuine batida gaited horse that is centered enough to perform picada as well. In addition to this natural gait, Brioso’s pedigree is over flowing with ELITE blood. He is a premier Mangalarga Marchador with a pedigree boasting an unheard of 12 ELITE book stallions! 

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zenitram fast picada round pen 2.JPG


Zenitram de los Cielos is a 15H black son of imported Brazilian champion, Ninja de Sao Joaquim (sire,

15H black, primarily Abaiba lines) and Consentida do Cascade, (dam, 16H, black bay, primarily Vale de

Prata (Herdade) and Abaiba lines). Registered with ABCCMM and with USMMA.

Zenitram de los Cielos most resembles his brilliant, small-but-mighty grandfather, 14.2H pure black

Oxum do Vale Prata, famed for his affectionate, engaging personality and his smooth-as-flowing-water

gait. Zenitram is one of very few scions carrying on Oxum’s great qualities. No US born MM stallion does

as dedicated or as smooth a picada as Zenitram. Presently, an untried sire.



Luna Sombra is the last daughter of Zorro de los Cielos (son of Brazilian Champion, Ninja de Sao
Joaquim) and Fiesta do Campo Real, imported Brazilian mare with 100% delivery of picada and centered
batida gaits in her 11 foals.) With her lineage and the evidence of these qualities in herself, Luna Sombra
should transmit the lean physique, the natural collection, the suppleness, the resilience, and the grace
to flow over rough terrain that her offspring will need to become breed champions, or to excel in equine
sports as diverse as endurance, racing, gaited dressage, or equitation. And she’s a love.

luna sombra.jpg
consentida bath hotwalker.JPG


Consentida’s Sire was Brazilian born Oxium do Vale da Prata, a barely 14.2H black stallion of incredible
centered gait and cheerful personality, who was the original poster boy for the US Mangalarga
Marchadors Association. Consentida’s dam is Nikita do Campo Real, a 15.2H bay batida-gaited, primarily
Abaiba mare best known for her size and power.
Consentida was born bay but turned black by 1 year of age. 16H tall but not lumbering, Consentida’s
batida gait is like flowing oil, even carrying a 250 lb man. Her conformation is reminiscent of the Alto
Real stallions that founded the Mangalarga Marchador breed, who resembled today’s Lusitanos.
Consentida has a unique potential to inculcate great gait and increased height and mass. She’s already
produced a 15H pure picada, black stallion (Zenitram de los Cielos by Ninja de Sao Joaquim) and 2 golden dun/gruillo colts by Avatar de los Cielos who appear to be taking after both parents in height
and in their flowing batida gait.


Diva is a real head turner! She is stunning 15 year old palomino mare, standing 15 hands and is safe and sane. Diva HAS SHOW experience, excellent trail or kids horse, with a superb Picada gait. She would make an excellent addition to your breeding program. 






This mare is exquisite. Elegant. and a Gaiting Machine. Imported in 2005 she is an experienced trail horse. Proven Brood mare. Brava has shown in Del Mar Representing Mangalarga Marchadors. She is currently in foal to Talisma's Apache Do High Country a tri color pinto Stalion due in July 2022. This mare is an excellent representation of the breed.

Janela is a beautiful imported Mangalarga Marchador gaiting machine! Finished trail horse and is great in the arena as well. Forward Picada gait. Loves to move out in gait on trail. not spooky at all. Proven brood mare as well. Has shown in Del Mar representing the breed. This mare is an excellent addition to any barn.