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Excellence In Breeding

Purpose: Many Mangalarga Marchador horse owners experience the challenge of
finding the most complimentary Marchador Stallion to breed with their mares. Likewise,
many wonderful Marchador Mares remain open and not bred because breeding can be
challenging to a mare owner. With the limited number of available breeding stallions that
are registered with ABCCMM in the United States, more U.S. breeders are turning to
frozen semen imported from Brazil to increase the diversity of available bloodlines.
There are many U.S. Breeders who have beautiful stallions for their own breeding
programs that could be available to mare owners or other breeders if there were an
easier process for coordinating the identification and selection of registered Marchador
stallions and mares.
The means to assist horse owners who are interested in furthering the Mangalarga
Marchador Breed beyond the current number of Marchadors available in the U.S. and to
have more horses available for breeding lies in having an easy to access directory
along with breeding services. This coordination of services will increase the number of
dual registered horses (ABCCMM and USMAA), provide the means to implement “best
breeding practices” and combine all quality breeding stallions that are available to U.S.
breeders in one convenient Registry.
What will be provided? MMBR Stallion Incentive Registry will organize all registered
stallions on one website where Breeders will be able to compare and select the right
stallion for their personal breeding program. In addition, Breeders will have the
opportunity to advertise their offspring and Marchador horses for sale.

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