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2023 Breeder's Guide 

January 1, 2023


Dear Mangalarga Marchador Owners,


Happy New Year to everyone who loves Mangalarga Marchador horses! The Mangalarga Marchador Breeders Registry is pleased to publish its first annual Breeders Guide. This publication is in collaboration with Marchador breeders who wish to make their stallions and mares available for breeding and unites breeders in a common purpose: to expand the number of horses available in the U.S. by making breeding easier through the coordination of breeding services.


Publishers Daniel Pulliam and Linda Holst wish to thank the following participating breeders for their support:

Rancho Linda Marchadores

Rancho de Los Cielos

High Country Marchadors

Monarch Marchadors

C&C Bellandi Marchadors

Flying Oaks Marchadors

High Altitude Marchadors

Rio Verde Marchadors 

Saint Horse Marchadors

(Note: Other breeders and breedable horses are available in the U.S.) 


As this united effort grows, experienced and non-experienced breeders can create a foundation of bloodlines that will strengthen the Mangalarga Marchador as a breed in the U.S. This effort also provides an "opportunity" for "anyone" who wishes to breed in order to "create the horse of their dreams" or to diversify their breeding program, a supportive forum of experience and education that is available from ethical breeders. Each of the Marchador horses presented in this Breeders Guide, including the youngsters for sale, have their DNA registered with either or both the ABCCMM in Brazil and U.S. USMMA  breed associations.


It is our desire that 2023 will expand the new generation of Marchadors and encourage new breeders to share in our passion for breeding spectacular horses! We hope you will enjoy the attached Mangalarga Marchador Breeders Registry Breeders Guide!


With Warmest Wishes,

Daniel Pulliam and Linda Holst

Mangalarga Marchador Breeders Registry

P.O. Box 163, Bonsall, CA 92003

1.800.689.1320 /

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