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The MMBR Stallion Registry offers the following incentives to all breeders who enroll their


1. Advertising of Breeding Stallion Services. MMBR will be responsible for all advertising

including print, Facebook, Instagram, the directory web site and will integrate links to

other directories to ensure the broadest ad coverage. MMBR will also spotlight any

stallion that is showing in any discipline such as working equitation, endurance, jumping,

cow work, etc.

2. Responding to breeding inquiries. MMBR will also ease the burden of “standing your

stallion” by dealing with the breeding inquiries directly so you don’t have to. MMBR will

handle all calls and inquiries. We will also assist you in finding a collection center near

you to collect and ship semen. On site boarding and standing here in Southern California

may be available as well.

3. Stallion Owner Incentive Benefits. By making your stallion available to other breeders,

all member stallion owners will receive a 25% discount on the advertised stud fee for any

stallion in the MMBR registry.

4. AI Expense Benefits. All enrolled stallion owners will not be charged for any deposits on

nitrogen tanks that are used for shipping frozen semen. Enrollment includes the facility

frozen semen storage fee.


Stallion Incentive Program – Enrollment and Qualifications

A. Charter Introductory Enrollment Cost. Charter Stallion Owners will receive the flat fee

of $500 per stallion per year to be enrolled in the Stallion Incentive Program. This

provides the services listed above.This is an introductory participation cost. The

Enrollment Fee may increase as the incentive program fills. All owners who enroll

stallions at the Charter Introductory Enrollment will be locked in at that price for as

long as they remain in the Incentive Program.

B. Breeding Contract Commission. A 10% commission will be charged for each

completed breeding contract that MMBR completes by coordinating the breeding

between the stallion owner and mare owner. (This fee can be paid by the mare as a cost

to breed or by the stallion owner.)

C. Enrollment Contract. Each Stallion Owner will be responsible for committing their

enrolled stallion for breeding and collection within a specified breeding season. The

Owner will determine the length of time that the stallion will be available for collection or

live breeding. All stallions will have set days of the week that they are available for

collection. If breeding with frozen semen, the Stallion Owner will specify what days of the

week the container is available for shipping.

D. Stallion enrollment process: All stallions owners must submit a signed enrollment

contract with proof of registration and DNA testing. All stallions must be double registered

with USMMA & ABCCMM to be approved to join the Stallion Incentive Program. Once a

stallion is approved and payment is received, advertising and marketing will commence.

E. Approval of mares by the stallion owner. Each mare owner will be required to submit a

copy of the mare’sUSMAA and ABCCMM registration certificate prior to signing the

breeding contract. MMBR will forward the registrations to the stallion owner for approval.

The Stallion Owner will have up to 48 hours to approve or deny any mare breeding.

F. Collection Facility: We are set up with three of our local collection and shipping

facilities. Collection and shipping cost will be the responsibility of the mare owner.

Collection and shipping fees vary. All frozen semen will be stored at our local breeding

center. There will be no storage fee for any enrolled stallions. Optional Services

 Boarding / Standing: All boarded stallions will be stalled in 24x24 welded wire

stalls with ample shelter. Hay and grain are included with their board. All on site stallions

are collected Monday, Wednesday and Friday during breeding season. All stallions are

exercised regularly on hot walker or round pen. Current board rate is $650 per month. 

Exercise Riding / Training is available at an additional cost. ABCCMM Inspection services

are available. Misc. Horse Expenses: Stallion owner will pay all farrier charges and/or veterinarian

expense that are unrelated to breeding.

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