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Consentida’s sire was Brazilian born Oxium Do Vale Da Prata. A black stallion of incredible centered gait and cheerful personality. Consentida’s dam is Nikita Do Campo Real, a 15.2H bay batida-gaited mare, primarily Abaiba mare best known for her size and power. Consentida’s batida gait is flowing, even carrying a 250 lb man. Her conformation is reminiscent of the Alto Real stallions that founded the Mangalarga Marchador breed, who resembled today’s Lusitanos.
Consentida has a unique potential to pass on great gait and increased height and mass. She’s has produced a 15H pure picada, black stallion (Zenitram De Los Cielos by Ninja De Sao Joaquim) and 2 golden dun/gruillo colts by Avatar De Los Cielos who appear to be taking after both parents in height and in their flowing batida gait.


Querida De Los Cielos is a sweet-tempered, willowy buckskin mare by Traituba Zumbido (the only scion of the traditional Triatuba line to be imported to the US), out of beautiful, imported 1676 Natuno De Tosana, of mostly Abaiba descent. Querida has the overall lean, balanced conformation favored in Rancho
de los Cielos’ breeding program. Her gait makes her unique, her batida is executed in the modern style presently winning national competitions in Brazil. From across the pasture, you can see the very
pronounced circular front leg action that lends machine-like precision to the marcha as a whole and adds snap to the moments of triple hoof support so fundamental to a smooth marcha of this type. Conformational factors that Querida has in abundance (and instills in her offspring) underlie the lift, suppleness, energy, and speed that distinguishes this batida from the classic batida that emphasizes extension. Querida is a proven producer of foals who inherit her blythe spirit and boundless energy.

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Color: black
Age: 4 yrs
Size: ~15H
Luna Sombra is the last daughter of Zorro De Los Cielos (son of Brazilian Champion, Ninja De Sao Joaquim  and Fiesta Do Campo Real imported Brazilian mare) with 100% delivery of picada and centered batida gaits in her 11 foals. With her lineage and the evidence of these qualities in herself, Luna Sombra
should transmit the lean physique, the natural collection, the suppleness, the resilience, and the grace to flow over rough terrain that her offspring will need to become breed champions, or to excel in equine sports as diverse as endurance, racing, gaited dressage, or equitation. And she’s a love.


Sonadora de los Cielos is a 14.3H palomino batida mare, daughter of Zorro De Los Cielos (son of Brazilian. Champions, Ninja de Sao Joaquim and Jaina do Passo Fino) and dames Fiesta Do Campo Real, imported Brazilian mare with 100% transmission of picada and centered gaits in her 11 foals.  Sonadora is a compact powerhouse who can carry a 250lb man easily while doing her very smooth, centered, very fast batida
or her quick-flowing picada gaits. And she passed it all plus her
extraordinary gaits to her first foal, now a yearling batida princess by Brazilian National Champion,
Delmug dos Bugros